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The following fetish terms are listed here for education purposes. They came from various sources on the internet and may be updated as time goes by. Check them out and see which terms apply to you.

· ACAROPHILIA: Affinity for itching
· ACHLUOPHILIA: Love of darkness
· ACOMOCLITIC: Preference for hairless genitals
· ACOUSTICOPHILIA: Arousal from sounds
· ACROPHILIA: Arousal from heights or high altitudes
· ACROTOMOPHILIA: Arousal from amputees
· ACTIRASTY: To become aroused from exposure to sun's rays
· ACUCULLOPHALIA: Circumcision
· ACYESIS: Female sterility
· ADAMITISM: Going naked for God
· ADOLESCENTILISM: Cross-dressing or playing the role of an adolescent
· AELUROPHILIA: Deriving gratification from cats
· AGALMATOPHILIA: Attractions to statues or mannequins
· AGAMIC: Asexual; parthenogenic
· AGENOBIOSIS: Married couple who consent to live together without sex
· AGONOPHILIA: Person who is aroused by a partner pretending to struggle
· AGORAPHILIA: Arousal from open spaces or having sex in public places
· AGREXOPHILIA: Arousal from others knowing you are having sex
· AICHMOPHILIA: Love of needles and other pointed objects
· AISCHROLATREIA: Worship of filth, smut; obscenity cult
· ALBUTOPHILIA: Arousal from water
· ALGOLAGNIA: Sexual satisfaction resulting from giving or receiving pain; sadism or masochism
· ALIPHINEUR: Person using lotion to arouse a partner
· ALLOERASTY: Use of nudity of another person to arouse a partner
· ALLOPELLIA: Having orgasm from watching others engaging in sex
· ALLORGASMIA: Arousal from fantasizing about someone other than one's partner
· ALLOTRIORASTY: Arousal from partners of other nations or races
· ALPHAMEGAMIA: Attraction to partners of another age group
· ALTOCALCIPHILIA: High heel fetish
· ALVINOLAGNIA: Stomach fetish
· AMATRIPSIS: Masturbation by rubbing labia together
· AMAUROPHILIA: Preference for a blind or blindfolded sex partner
· AMAXOPHILIA: Attraction to riding in cars and motor vehicles
· AMBISEXTROUS: Pertaining to a bisexual person
· AMELOTASIS: Attraction to absence of limb
· AMOKOSCISIA: Arousal or sexual frenzy with desire to slash or mutilate women
· AMOMAXIA: Sex in a parked car
· AMPHIEROTISM: Capacity of erotic reaction toward either sex
· AMPHIGENTIC INVERT: An individual who regularly engages in sexual activity with persons of both genders
· AMULIEROSIS: Result of sexual privacy
· AMYCHESIS: Act of scratching partner during sexual passion
· AMYCHOPHILIA: Deriving sexual pleasure from being scratched
· ANACLITISM: Arousal from items used as infant
· ANALINCTUS: Licking the anus
· ANALINGUS: Rimming or penetration of anus with tongue
· ANASTEEMAPHILIA: Attraction to a person because of a difference in height
· ANAXIPHILIA: Act of falling in love with a loser by someone who should know better
· ANDROGYNY: Having both male and female characteristics
· ANDROIDISM: Arousal from robots with human features
· ANDROMANIA: Nymphomania
· ANDROMINETOPHILIA: Arousal from female partner who dresses like male
· ANDROSODOMY: Anal sex with a male partner
· ANILILAGNIA: Sexual desire for older women
· ANISONOGAMIST: Attraction to either older or younger partners
· ANOCRATISM: Anal sex
· ANOMEATIA: Anal sex with a female partner
· ANOPHELORASTIA: Arousal from defiling or ravaging a partner
· ANOPHILEMIA: Kissing anus
· ANORAPTUS: Rapist who only attacks elderly women
· ANTHOLAGNIA: Arousal from smelling flowers
· ANTHROPOPHAGOLAGNIA: Rape with cannibalism
· ANTHROPOPHAGY: Pleasure derived from the ingestion of human flesh
· ANTIPUDIC: Covering one’s genitals
· ANTIOPHILIA: Fondness for floods
· APELLOUS: Circumcision
· APHALLATIA: Celibacy
· APHEPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from being touched
· APHILOPHRENIA: A feeling that one is unloved or unwanted
· APISTIA: Adultery
· APODYSOPHILIA: Feverish desire to undress
· APOTEMNOPHILIA: Person who has sexual fantasies about losing a limb
· ARACHNEPHILIA: Attraction to spiders
· ARPAGEE: A raped woman
· ARSOMETRY: Anal sex
· ASCETICISM: Religious self-denial often including celibacy
· ASPHYXIAPHILIA: Arousal from lack of oxygen
· ASTHENOLAGNIA: Arousal from weakness or being humiliated
· ASTYPHIA: Impotence
· ASYNODIA: Celibacy particularly due to impotence
· AULOPHILIA: Love of flutes
· AUTAGONISTOPHILIA: Exhibitionism; arousal from exposing naked body or genitals to strangers while on stage or while being photographed
· AUTASSASSINOPHILIA: Arousal from orchestrating one's own death by the hands of another
· AUTOEROTIC ASPHYXIA: Arousal from oxygen deprivation and sometimes risk of dying
· AUTOGYNEPHILIA: Arousal from crossdressing
· AUTOMASOCHISM: Arousal from inflicting intense sensations of pain on one's own body
· AUTONEPIOPHILIA: Sexual attraction from dressing or being treated like an infant
· AUTOPEDERASTY: The insertion of one's own penis into their anus
· AVERING: A boy’s begging in the nude to arouse sympathy
· AVISODOMY: Breaking the neck of a bird while penetrating it for sex
· AXILLISM: The use of the armpit for sex

· BATHYCOLPIAN: Possessing a large bosom
· BATRACHOPHILIA: Attraction to frogs
· BELONEPHILIA: Arousal from pins or needles
· BIASTOPHILIA: Pleasure from forcible rape of a terrified stranger
· BLISSOM: To copulate with an ewe
· BOLLOCKS: Testicles
· BOTULINONIA: Sex with a sausage
· BROMIDROPHILIA: Arousal from bodily smells
· BRONTOPHILIA: Love of thunderstorms

· CALLIPYGIAN: Having shapely buttocks
· CANOPHILIA: Turned on by dogs
· CAPNOLAGNIA: Arousal from watching others smoke
· CAPONIZE: To castrate a chicken
· CATAGELOPHILIA: Love of being ridiculed
· CATAMENIA: Menstruation
· CATAMITE: A boy used in homosexual relations
· CHASMOPHILIA: Attraction to nooks, crannies, crevices, and chasms
· CHEIMAPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from cold or winter
· CHIONOPHILIA: Love of snow
· CHREMATISTOPHILIA: Arousal from being charged for sex or robbed
· CHRYSOPHILIA: Arousal from gold or golden objects
· CLAUSTROPHILIA: Love of being confined in small places
· CLIMACOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure by falling down stairs
· COMMASCULATION: Homosexuality between men
· CONCUPISCENCE: Excessive sexual desire
· CONTRECTATION: The love play preceding sexual intercourse
· CONVERTITE: A reformed prostitute
· COPROLOGY: The study of pornography
· COPROPHEMIA: Obscene language
· COPROPHILIA: A fancier of feces
· CRATOLAGNIA: Arousal from strength
· CRUROPHILIA: Sexual arousal from legs
· CYPRIAN: Lecherous
· CYPRIDOPHOBIA: Fear of getting venereal disease
· CYPRIPAREUNIA: Sexual intercourse with a prostitute

· DACRYPHILIA: Arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of a partner
· DASYPYGAL: Having hairy buttocks
· DENDROPHILIA: Attraction to trees
· DEOSCULATE: To kiss affectionately
· DEPUSCELATE: To lose one’s virginity
· DIGENESIS: Alternately sexual and asexual reproduction
· DIGENOUS: Bisexual
· DIOESTRUM: The time when a female animal is not in heat
· DORAPHILIA: Love of animal skins
· DOWCET: A deer’s testicle
· DYSTYCHIPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from accidents

· ECDEMOLAGNIA: Arousal from traveling or being away from home
· ECDYSIAST: A stripper
· EDEA: The external genitals
· ELUMBATED: Weak in the loins
· EMETOPHILIA: Arousal from vomit or vomiting
· EMMENOLOGY: The study of menstruation
· ENCEINTE: Pregnant
· ENCRATY: Abstinence
· EONISM: Transvestitism
· EPHEBOPHILIA: Compelling need for an older person to seek adolescent partners for sexual gratification
· EPICENE: Pertaining to both sexes
· EPIGAMIC: Tending to attract the opposite sex during mating season
· EPISTEMOPHILIA: Abnormal preoccupation with acquiring knowledge (This best describes me)
· EREMOPHILIA: Maniacal desire to be left alone
· ERGOPHILIA: Love of work and labor
· EROTOPHOBIA: Fear of sexual love
· EROTOPHONPHILIA: Attaining sexual satisfaction from murdering complete strangers
· ERYTHROPHILIA: Becoming aroused by blushing
· EUNUCHATE: To make a eunuch
· EVIRATION: Emasculation, castration

· FAM: To grope a woman
· FEMORAL COITUS: Penis-thigh sex
· FISSIPARISM: Reproduction by fissioning
FITZOPHILLA : Love of fitz, everyone is automatically born with it
· FORMICOPHILIA: Enjoyment of the use of insects for sexual purposes
· FROTTEUR: A person aroused by brushing up against clothed people in public places
· FURTLING: The use of fingers underneath cut-outs in genital areas of photos for arousal

· GAMIC: Sexual
· GAMOPHOBIA: Fear of marriage
· GENICON: A sexual partner imagined by one who is dissatisfied with her actual partner
· GENOPHOBIA: Fear of sex
· GERONOSEXUALITY: An attraction where the object of desire is 30 years older or more
· GERONTOPHILIA: Arousal from an older partner
· GODEMICHE: A dildo
· GOMPHIPOTHIC: Arousal by the sight of teeth
· GRAPHOLAGNIA: Maniacal interest in obscene pictures
· GRIVOISERIE: Lewd and lascivious behavior
· GUNZEL: A passive, orally oriented, male homosexual
· GYMNOPHOBIA: Fear of nudity
· GYNANDER: A female pseudo-hermaphrodite
· GYNANDRY: Hermaphroditism
· GYNOPHOBIA: Fear of women
· GYNOTIKOLOBOMASSOPHILIA: Deriving sexual pleasure by nibbling on a woman’s earlobe

· HAMARTOPHILIA: Love of committing sinful acts
· HAPTEPHILIA: Arousal by being touched
· HARPAXOPHILIA: Getting pleasure by robbery or being robbed
· HEBETIC: Happening at puberty
· HEDONOPHOBIA: Fear of pleasure
· HEMATOLAGNIA: Sexual stimulation from blood
· HEMIPENIS: One of the paired sex organs of many reptiles
· HETAERISM: Extramarital sex; communal marriage
· HOMILOPHILIA: Arousal from hearing or giving sermons
· HYMENORRHEXIS: Defloration of the hymen
· HYPNOPHILIA: Turned on by the thought of sleeping

· ICOLAGNIA: Arousal from contemplation of, or contact with sculptures or pictures
· INCUBUS: A male demon who has intercourse with a woman while she is sleeping
· INFANTILISM: Attraction to childhood items
· IPSISM: Masturbation
· IRRUMATION: Fellatio
· ISOPHILIC: Relating to same gender affection sans sex
· ITHYPHALLIC: Pertaining to the phallus carried in Bacchanalian festivals; lewd

· JOCKER: A male homosexual

· KAINOTOPHILIA: Getting pleasure from change
· KAKORRHAPHIOPHILIA: Arousal from failure
· KALOPSIA: Condition where things appear more beautiful than they really are (eg when you’re drunk)
· KENOPHILIA: Attraction to empty or open spaces
· KERAUNOPHILIA: Turned on by thunder and lightning
· KINESOPHILIA: Arousal from movement and exercise
· KLISMAPHILIA: Sexual pleasure from enemas
· KNISSOPHILIA: Attraction to incense-burning
· KOPOPHILIA: Arousal from physical or mental exhaustion

· LAGNOSIS: Satyriasis
· LALIOPHILIA: Arousal from public speaking
· LALOCHEZIA: Talking dirty to relieve tension
· LAPAROHYSTEROSALPINGOOOPHORECTOMY: Surgical removal of the female reproductive organs
· LEMAN: A mistress or lover
· LIGYROPHILIA: Turned on by loud noises
· LILAPSOPHILIA: Arousal from tornadoes
· LOBCOCK: A large, relaxed penis
· LITHOPHILIA: Attraction to stones, gravel, or mud
· LOVERTINE: Addicted to love-making
· LUPANARIAN: Lubricious, lascivious, lewd
· LYGOPHILIA: Love of darkness
· LYSSOPHILIA: Sexual arousal from becoming angry or upset

· MACHLAENOMANIA: Masochism in women
· MACROMASTIC: Pertaining to large breasts
· MACROPHILIA: Attraction to giants or giant creatures
· MAIESIOPHILIA: Arousal from childbirth or pregnant women
· MAMMILLATED: Having nipples
· MANIAPHILIA: Attraction to insane people
· MANUSTUPRATION: Masturbation
· MASTIGOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from punishment or being whipped; masochism
· MATUTOLAGNIA: Antemerdian sexual desire
· MAZOPHILIA: Compulsion for breasts
· MECHANOPHILIA: Turned on by machines
· MEGALOPHILIA: Arousal from large objects (not necessarily fat)
· MELISSOPHILIA: Attraction to bees
· MENACME: The menstruating part of a woman’s life
· MENOPHANIA: The onset of menstruation; false menstruation
· MENTULATE: Possessing a large penis; well-hung
· MERKIN: A pubic hair wig
· METOPOPHILIA: Turned on by a person’s face
· METROPHILIA: Arousal from poetry
· MISAPODYSIS: Hatred of undressing in front of someone
· MISEROTIA: Aversion to sex
· MIXOSCOPIA: Orgasm achieved by watching one’s beloved have sex with someone else; voyeurism
· MOLYSMOPHILIA: Attraction to dirt, filth, or contamination (see MYSOPHILIA)
· MONOECIOUS: Hermaphroditic
· MONORCHID: Having one testicle
· MULIEBRITY: Assumption of female characteristics by a male
· MULTIGRAVIDA: A woman who has been pregnant more than once
· MUSOPHILIA: Attraction to mice
· MYSOPHILIA: Love of dirt or becoming dirty

· NANOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to a short partner
· NARRATOPHILIA: Arousal from erotic conversations
· NASOPHILIA: Arousal from the sight, touch, licking, or sucking of a partner's nose
· NEANILAGNIA: A yen for nymphets
· NEBULOPHILIA: Arousal from fog
· NECROPHILIA: Sexual gratification only by having sex with the dead
· NEMOPHILIA: Love of forests
· NEOPHILIA: Arousal from anything new
· NOSOPHILIA: Love of becoming ill
· NOTHOSONOMIA: Calling someone a bastard
· NOVERCAMANIA: Sexual attraction to one’s stepmother
· NYCTOPHILIA: Love of night
· NYMPHOLEPSY: Trance incurred by erotic daydreams

· OBSOLAGNIUM: Waning sexual desire due to age
· OCHLOPHILIA: Attraction to crowds
· OCNOPHILE: Someone chronically dependent on their lover
· OCULOLINCTUS: The act of licking a partner's eyeball
· ODYNOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from pain; masochism
· OIKOPHILIA: Attraction to one’s home
· OLFACTOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from smells
· OMBROPHILIA: Turned on by rain or being rained upon
· ONANISM: Masturbation
· OPHELIMITY: The ability to please sexually
· OPHIDIOPHILIA: Arousal from snakes
· ORNITHOPHILIA: Love of birds
· OSMOLAGNIA: Arousal caused by bodily odors, such as sweat or menses
· OSPHRESIOPHILIA: An inordinate love of smells
· OZOLAGNIA: Arousal from odors

· PANTOPHILIA: Arousal from just about everything imaginable
· PAPHIAN: Erotic; pertaining to illicit love
· PAPILLA: A nipple
· PARACOITA: A female sexual partner
· PARACOITUS: A male sexual partner
· PAREUNIA: Sexual intercourse
· PARTHENOLATRY: Virgin worship
· PARTHENOPHILIA: Attraction only to virgins
· PECCATOPHILIA: Arousal from sinning or having committed an imaginary crime
· PEDIOPHILIA: Attraction to dolls
· PEDOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to children
· PENIAPHILIA: Erotic fascination with poverty
· PENTHERAPHILIA: Sexual attraction to one’s mother-in-law
· PEODEIKTOPHILIA: Sexual arousal from exhibitionism
· PEOTOMY: Surgical amputation of the penis
· PESSARY: A vaginal suppository
· PHALLATION: Movement of the penis in sexual intercourse
· PHILOPHOBIA: Fear of falling in love or of being loved
· PHILOPORNIST: A lover of prostitutes
· PHRONEMOPHILIA: Turned on by the act of thinking
· PHTHIRIOPHILIA: Attraction to lice
· PHYGEPHILIA: Arousal from being a fugitive
· PICTOPHILIA: Arousal only from looking at erotic pictures
· PIZZLE: A whip made of an animal’s penis
· PLACOPHILIA: Arousal from tombstones
· PLANISTETHIC: Flat-chested
· PLUVIOPHILIA: Sexual stimulation from rain or being rained upon
· PNIGOPHILIA: Aroused from people choking
· POINEPHILIA: Turned on by punishment; masochism
· PONOPHILIA: Attraction to overwork
· PORNERASTIC: Licentious, lewd, and horny
· PORNOCRACY: A government by prostitutes
· PORNOLAGNIA: Desire for prostitutes
· POTAMOPHILIA: Arousal from streams and rivers
· PREMENACMIUM: Life before menstruation begins
· PRESBYTOREAN: An erotic poem
· PRIAPISM: Persistent and painful erection, usually the result of a disease
· PRONOVALENCE: Ability to have sexual intercourse in a prone position only
· PSELLISMOPHILIA: Becoming aroused by stuttering
· PTERIDOMANIA: An intense desire for ferns
· PTERONOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from being tickled by feathers
· PUCELAGE: Virginity
· PUNQUETTO: A prostitute
· PUTANISM: Prostitution
· PYGMALIIONISM: Falling in love with one’s creation (a la "My Fair Lady")
· PYGOPHILIA: Aroused from buttocks
· PYROLAGNIA: Sexual stimulation from watching fires

· QUADOSHKA: American Indian form of tantric sex
· QUEENING: Sitting on the side of a person's face as a form of bondage
· QUIM: The vagina

· RAMMISH: Lustful and horny
· RANTALLION: One whose scrotum is longer than his penis
· RENIFLEUR: One who gets sexual pleasure from body smells
· RÉTIFISM: Foot and shoe fetishism, including using the shoe for masturbation
· RETROCOPULATION: Fornicating from behind ("Doggie position")
· RHABDOPHILIA: Finding pleasure in being severely criticized
· RHYTIPHILIA: Arousal from facial wrinkles
· RUTTISH: Horny; in heat

· SACOFRICOSIS: The practice of cutting a hole in the bottom of a front pant pocket in order to masturbate in public with less risk of detection
· SAPPHISM: Lesbianism
· SCELEROPHILIA: Attraction to bad guys or unsavory characters
· SCOTOPHILIA: Turned on by darkness
· SDRUCCIOLA: Copulate
· SEPTOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to decaying matter
· SIDERODROMOPHILIA: Arousal from riding in trains
· SITOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from eating
· SOCERAPHILIA: Excitement from one’s parents-in-law
· SOPHOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from learning
· SOROPHILIA: Attraction to one’s sister
· SPADONISM: Eunuchry
· SPECTROPHILIA: Arousal from looking at oneself in a mirror
· SPERMATOPHOBIA: Fear of semen
· SPINTRY: A male whore
· STASIVALENCE: Ability to have sexual intercourse only while standing
· STAUROPHILIA: Arousal from the cross or crucifix
· STHENOLAGNIA: Arousal from displaying strength or muscles
· STYGIOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from thoughts of hell
· SUBAGITATION: Copulation
· SUCCUBUS: A female demon who seduces men in their sleep
· SUPINOVALENT: Able to fornicate only while lying on the back
· SYMPHOROPHILIA: Arousal by accidents or catastrophes
· SYNGENESOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to one’s relatives

· TAPHEPHILIA: Arousal from being buried alive
· TAPHOPHILIA: Love of funerals
· TELEOPHILIA: Affinity for religious ceremonies
· TENTIGINOUS: Lascivious
· TERATOPHILIA: Arousal from deformed or monstrous people
· THALASSOPHILIA: Love of the sea
· THASSOPHILIA: Attraction to sitting
· THREPTEROPHILIA: A fondness for female nurses
· THYGATRILAGNIA: A father’s sexual love for his daughter
· TIMOPHILIA: Arousal from gold or wealth
· TOCOPHILIA: Fondness for pregnancy and childbirth
· TONITROPHILIA: Love of thunder
· TOXIPHILIA: Attraction to poisons
· TOXOPHILIA: Love of archery
· TRAGALISM: Lust; lechery; obscenity
· TRANSFEMINATE: To change from woman to man
· TRAUMATOPHILIA: An unconscious desire to be injured
· TRIBADISM: Mutual genital-fondling between lesbians
· TRICHOPATHOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to hair
· TRIPSOLAGNIA: Arousal from having hair shampooed

· UNDINISM: The association of water with erotic thoughts
· URANISM: Homosexuality
· URANOPHILIA: Sexual arousal by heavenly thoughts
· UROLAGNIA: Sexual pleasure from urinating
· URTICATION: The use of nettles to create extra sensation
· UXORAVALENT: Only able to attain sex extramaritally (applied to men)
· UXOROVALENT: Able to score only with one’s wife

· VACCINOPHILIA: Turned on by becoming vaccinated
· VAMPIRISM: Consuming blood of a partner for arousal
· VICARPHILIA: Arousal from other people's exciting experiences
· VINCILAGNIA: Arousal from bondage
· VIRAGINITY: Masculinity in a woman
· VIRGIN: You really need to ask?
· VIRIMIMISM: Adoption of masculinity
· VIRIPOTENT: Sexually mature
· VITRICOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to one’s stepfather

· WETHER: A castrated ram
· WHELP: To bear offspring
· WHIRLYGIGS: Testicles
· WITTOL: A husband who tolerates his wife’s infidelity

· XENODYNAMIC: Person who is only potent with strangers
· XENOPHILIA: An attraction to foreign customs, traditions, and foreigners
· XERONISUS: Inability to reach orgasm
· XYLOPHILIA: Turned on by wooden objects

· YELD: Not old enough to procreate
· YLOPHILIA: Affinity for forests
· YONI WORSHIP: Worship of the female genitals

· ZELOPHILIA: Sexual arousal from jealousy
· ZOOERASTIA: Sexual intercourse with an animal
· ZOOPHILIA: One who is strongly attracted to animals in a spiritual, sexual, or emotional sense
· ZWISCHENSTUFE: Arousal from a person of the same sex

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